[nycphp-talk] UPS Shipping Calculator

Gary Mort bz-gmort at
Mon Aug 20 17:02:11 EDT 2007

Timothy Boyden wrote:
> It's sad you and others like you choose to focus your attacks on me
> rather than assist the original poster with their question. I would
> gladly help except my hands are tied by copyright.
I'm not so sure, someone here posted insinuation that the author gets 
royalites for every back article that sells.  I think when you make 
those sort of accusations based on little more than guesswork, you have 
lost the right to complain about being "attacked" when others merely 
correct the statements and point out the alternatives.

UPS is rather annoying, they require you to create a shipping account in 
order to access their API.  If their true to most companies, I'm willing 
to bet there is a PHP API example there, along with enough ASP examples 
to work out what you need to do(though I have found ProStores to be very 
skimpy on their non-Java examples).

Checking Virtuemart, I note that there is no GPL UPS module.  Which is a 
general indicator that UPS is persnickety enough to justify paying for 
working models.

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