[nycphp-talk] [0T] Comcast as ISP -- opinions?

David Mintz david at
Tue Aug 21 15:13:17 EDT 2007

FiOS isn't available to me yet but I will keep watching. What's RCN? In any
case it looks like Comcast has a monopoly on all non-DSL, consumer-type
broadband in my area. F... Fooie.

Many thanks to all.

On 8/16/07, Rob Marscher <rmarscher at> wrote:
> On Aug 15, 2007, at 6:54 PM, David Mintz wrote:
> > I am about to move, and considering dumping Speakeasy DSL for the
> > sake of economy
> If your new place has access to Verizon FiOS, I'd recommend that.
> It's so fast!!  A friend of mine runs a server successfully through
> it using

David Mintz

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