[nycphp-talk] php gd problem

Dan Cech dcech at
Fri Aug 24 09:34:41 EDT 2007

Jason Sia wrote:
> Hi, I created a drawing application flash using actionscript then I wanted to save the drawing in a jpg file.  I succefulkly saved the file however upon looking at the output image, the output is not smooth,  I used imagefillpolygon for lines thicker than 1px coz according to imagesetthickness is only applicable to orthogonal lines.  I also tried to use imgaesetthickness but the output was worse.  I got convincing output when I convert the drawing to swf using PHP ming.  Attached is the output image could someone help me with this?


It looks like you are probably generating a huge number of points for
the line, so you've got a lot of polygons and possibly the jagged edges
you are seeing are from misplaced corners.  You will probably need to
post some code so that we can see exactly what is happening.

My guess would be that we don't need to see the flash stuff, but just
the gd script and the data you're feeding it.


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