[nycphp-talk] Frameworks - Which best fits my development style?

Urb LeJeune urb at
Fri Aug 24 10:29:43 EDT 2007

>>>It takes some practice for many programmers because it isn't a natural
>>>transition, but if you can take off the programmer hat and look at your
>>>projects from the problem and solution domain instead, you will find that
>>>these frameworks begin to fit your new thinking.  This is what I 
>>>have found watching our programmers and outsource groups make the change over.

         I used to teach Computer Science at the college and graduate 
level. When OOP first
started the programmers with a lot of experience had real difficulty 
seeing the advantage and
adapting to the new methodology. However, students who were just 
starting to program had
no problem adjusting.

         I think it's simply human nature to keep wanting to do 
things that have worked well in
the past.


Dr. Urban A. LeJeune, President
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