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Sun Aug 26 13:34:35 EDT 2007

Since there are a lot of people here who probably code in PHP(ha) and 
use Linux, I thought I'd ask here if anyone is familiar with GUI 
programmer editors in Linux.

Yes, yes, I can and do use VI when on linux.  But my work habits have 
formed over the years based on using the best tool for my mindset on the 
platform I had to use(Windows XP).

So my editor of choice has been UltraEdit.

The features of UltraEdit which I like(and they are probably laughably 

FTP built into the editor:
I can open my files right off a remote server without any fiddle 
faddling around.

SSH built into the editor:
More importantly FTP over SSH so I can still open files right off a 
remove server.

Automatic code collapse:
Ultraedit has a tag library for PHP and HTML.

When I'm editing a PHP file, it automatically find the start and stop of 
tags and I can collapse them.  So I can open a huge PHP file, collapse 
all the functions into single lines, and than scan through and find the 
function I'm interested in.

While coding, once I have finished a section, I can collapse it and see 
what came before it and goes after it.

It is this last feature that I have had a hard time finding in other 
editors.  Heck, I downloaded the latest Dreamweaver for a ProStores 
project(as it was the only way to get the who collection of program 
scripts out of prostores without downloading 1 by 1) and the best it had 
to offer was that I could create my own code foldings. 

At the past PHP meeting, it finally sunk in to me that for years I've 
been saying "I'd really love to develop in Linux, but I have to run 
Lotus Notes for work and you can't get the full environment to work 
reliably in Linux[ok, that's not quite TRUE.  Those individuals who were 
not second class citizens at work were welcome to use the Linux test 
platform which had all such goodness built into it.  However, such a 
platform was not for the likes of a second class contractor such as 
myself.  The best I could get was a notes client, but no development or 
admin client without which I was dead in the water)

Well, that time is past, and other than the periodic UG meeting I will 
likely never set foot in that company again, and even if I do I won't 
need to keep my personal system compatible with their work environment.  
So, it's time to bite the bullet.  Time to learn to code in linux and 
break my bad Windows habits.

All I need is the editor to do it with.

So any suggestions?

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