[nycphp-talk] how did you learn php?

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Mon Aug 27 17:10:55 EDT 2007

Even better than that, you can go to Safari on the Premier Club at and for $15.00/month have access to thousands of books.  You can have 10 books available at any one time.

I keep some PHP books and some MySQL ones, and an Ajax book and one on Javascript, and of course a Photoshop book, on my Bookshelf and wander over to Devx when I need to look up some syntax or look for a better way to do something.

What's wonderful is that there's beginning books AND complex books, so you can start out with how-to books and advance to more complex programming.

For me, I love the books that take you through setting up some code with explanations for each segment of code, and have you work through the example and write the code as you go, rather than the books that "discuss" how to do something, and there's plenty of these types of books there.

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