[nycphp-talk] Linux editors

Greg Rundlett greg.rundlett at
Mon Aug 27 20:47:26 EDT 2007

<plug>Nobody mentioned Quanta Plus, the best free (GPL) IDE on Linux.</plug>

Disclaimer: I'm a minor contributor to the Quanta community and a happy user.

Quanta does code folding, FTP and SSH (using KIO slaves), supports
multiple programming languages, has project mangement / team features,
works with a debugger like XDebug and is completely customizable from
scripts, to toolbars, and full-blown wizards.

For example, I configured it so that it can 'natively' speak the XML
dialect for 'TaskJuggler' which is a Linux Project Management tool.

It has code completion (plus local documentation for PHP, MySQL,
JavaScript, CSS), structure browser, a terrific CSS editor built-in.

It does XSLT, DocBook and XML.

Local plugins (provided) such as Tidy, Linkchecker, and Konsole are
just examples of using the extensibility of the system.  It integrates
CVS too through Cervisia (but not yet Subversion -- just because
Cervisia doesn't do Subversion).   You can certainly build in a
subversion toolbar yourself due to the flexibility and extensibility
of the system.

Quanta (the editor part) is based on Kate.  Current development is
progressing on merging/aligning the project with KDevelop for KDE 4

I've been looking at Eclipse, not for any lack in Quanta, but rather
because I manage a cross-platform development team.  Eclipse would be
available on any desktop while Quanta is only available for Linux.

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