[nycphp-talk] Linux editors

Mark Armendariz lists at
Tue Aug 28 06:36:57 EDT 2007

Greg Rundlett wrote:
> <plug>Nobody mentioned Quanta Plus, the best free (GPL) IDE on Linux.</plug>
> Disclaimer: I'm a minor contributor to the Quanta community and a happy user.
I tried Quanta, and it was ok.  I've tried many of the others mentioned 
as well.  My favorite still stands as Eclipse PDT.  Yes, the eclipse 
'way' - workspaces - takes a bit of getting used to, especially as I 
used to work directly on a remote dev server instead of using local 
directories, but working locally is just so much faster.

It has incredible Subversion / CVS integration
Trac / Bugzilla Integration is very good using an interesting plugin 
called mylyn - which integrates your tickets with your revision control 
to auto-write your checkins (also shows tickets in actual ide).  Also 
does tons for managing current tasks.  HIGHLY recommend it.
Solid ANT integration for automated deployment
Built-in PHP debugging works great.
XDebug debugging works great as well (though a bit annoying to install 
since it's unpackaged)
Weak Bazaar integration, but the Bazaar devs are working on it
PHPDoc Support
PHP Explorer shows your object / function tree (shows includes and 
interface / parent classes in the tree as well)
Proper Code Coloring and even completion for everything - even in the 
same file - php, html, css, js

And, of course, vim when working over ssh.


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