[nycphp-talk] PEAR CAPTCHA Problems

Ben Sgro (ProjectSkyLine) ben at
Wed Aug 29 21:39:20 EDT 2007


I did just as you stated. No luck.

I grabbed the file from windows and mac (.ttf) checked the path, tried a few
variations, and made sure the $options array had the values set before
passing to the function.

I want to say its a path issue, but I've tried both relative and absolute 

Any ideas?

- Ben

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> Find a ttf file, any ttf file(if your using windows, take a look in your 
> control panel->fonts folder
> Upload it to the server and put it somewhere readable by your web program.
> Set the options appropriately, ie:
> |// Set CAPTCHA options (font must exist!)
> $options = array(
>    'font_size' => 24,
>    'font_path' => './',
>    'font_file' => 'COUR.TTF'
> );
> Where font_path is the full path to your font file
> and font_file is your font file(make sure case matches!)
> Make sure to pass your options to the functions that require them.
> A little prayer couldn't hurt. :-)
> (Captcha images are a royal PITA due to the font issues, ability to write 
> to the correct directory, and whether or not you have GD or freetype or 
> ImageMagick or whatever they want installed)
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