[nycphp-talk] Why can't I create a second directory?

Ajai Khattri ajai at
Thu Aug 30 12:27:00 EDT 2007

On Thu, 30 Aug 2007, bz-gmort at wrote:

> It doesn't.  I am finding more and more web providers setup Apache to 
> not give any error messages when something goes wrong.
> This naturally makes it more difficult to troubleshoot the problem(and 
> when they do not allow you command line access to run it manually in 
> their environment...)

Do you have access to the error logs?

> C) I added an explicit call to chmod to set the first directory to 777

But if your script is running as "apache" or "nobody" or "www" then that 
chmod is gonna fail...

> providers who do not place the  web server in the same group as the user 
> invoked for PHP scripts.  Mind you, I'm not asking that the PHP scripts 
> be in the same group as Apache, ie access to all files apache can 
> access, I want Apache to be in the group of each PHP user therefore 
> giving it access to any files PHP creates) This is in the interest of 
> security - and I understand the security concerns, but the result is 
> people using these servers end up needing to set the security of their 
> own files to 777 to get around the server problems.  Which means that 
> they end up running less secure in the name of security)

Though the latest Joomla upload process uses FTP now right?

Maybe your script can do the same?


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