[nycphp-talk] Why can't I create a second directory?

Rolan Yang rolan at
Thu Aug 30 13:07:16 EDT 2007

Gary Mort wrote:
> I have a complex little install script that creates directories and 
> subdirectories and copies files.
> It keeps failing on one providers server.
> I boiled down the install script problems to the fact that it cannot 
> create a subdirectory after creating a directory.
I lost some hair over the same issue when trying to hack FsckEditor with 
image upload into a clients website hosted at
The details are kind of vague, but I remember it having something to do 
a php SAFE MODE restriction on mkdir and the fact that the web server 
was running as a different user than that owned by the user.   I could 
create a directory, but not set the attributes for that directory. That 
prevented creating any futher subdirectories.

I tried all sorts of hacks to circumvent this, but with no satisfactory 
results.  The ISP does not provide shell access but I was able to get 
around the one-deep restriction by having the php script "ftp" into the 
server and do mkdir's. However, the directories were then owned by the 
user and not writable by the web server. Their ftp server restricted 
chowning or chmoding those to be world writable, so in the end, there 
was no way I could write files into the directories I created.

Good luck with a solution. I couldn't find one.


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