[nycphp-talk] Why can't I create a second directory?

Gary Mort bz-gmort at
Thu Aug 30 19:43:20 EDT 2007

David Krings wrote:
> bz-gmort at wrote:
>> Kenneth Dombrowski wrote:
>>> Hi Gary,
>>> what does it complain about when you remove the error supression @s ?   
>> It doesn't.  I am finding more and more web providers setup Apache to 
>> not give any error messages when something goes wrong.
> Just out of curiosity, why not install Apache on your own box and see 
> what the error message is? Is there anything special about that server 
> that cannot be replicated locally?

Yes, it is not a matter of a non funcitoning program.  It was a program 
that would not function on that providers server.

I test programs on my own web provider where I can enable and disable 
the level of error messages and whether to send them to the screen or 
the logfile at will - and I have access to the error log.

Than I have fun trying to figure out what the provider does differently.

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