[nycphp-talk] Re: PHP_SELF problems

Jürgen Wind jwind at
Mon Jan 1 11:35:42 EST 2007

Dan Cech wrote:
> As I outlined earlier in this thread, this will _not_ work if php is
> running as a cgi, you'll get 'php4-cgi' instead of 'myfilename.php'
> unless you have cgi.fix_pathinfo set to 1 (default is 0).
> Your previous comment regarding the fact that __FILE__ will give the
> name of the file it is placed in rather than the requested file is
> perfectly valid and worth keeping in mind.
> I'm starting to wonder whether the construct
> <form action="?" method="post">
> might be a simple secure way of getting around the requirement of having
> something in the action field.  That doesn't help with the problem of
> correctly and securely generating the root-relative URL of a script
> however.
> Dan

sorry for not remembering that earlier post of yours.
i never had problems with forms without any "action" field at all, 
although someone stated that it was "undefined" - at least it is better than
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