[nycphp-talk] CAKE Ain't Soup!

mikesz at mikesz at
Sat Jan 6 23:08:41 EST 2007

In defense of Brian Daley's rant about CAKE and contrary to Nate Abele's illness,
I believe Brian's point are well founded and justified completely.

As a complete CAKE novice, I knew/know nothing about Cake except the misinformation that 
is contained on their home page, i.e *"No Configuration* - Set-up the database and watch the magic begin". 
So I decided to check it out to see for myself what all the hype was about so 
after wading through a miriad of "give us money" I finally was able to download the 
package and attempted to install it on my local Apache Webserver. Give that the installation 
instruction are clear as mud, I attempted to install it like any other PHP Application
but when I attempted to run it, I get  a "Your database configuration file is  not present." 
and a screenful of junk that tells me nothing about how to install the product, except an instruction
that says, "run the install" but never says what that is. Installation instructions, never mind documentation,
are suppose to be specific, precise and correct. Cake is none of the above.

Cake may be cake but it is certainly not soup!

Cake may be indeed a great leap forward but if you can not install it "out of the box" no one will ever know.
I, personally, don't "shop around" for information that isn't where it is "suppose" to be. That means that
Cake only had one shot to impress me, they did, negatively! All the whining on the planet won't fix
an installation process that is fatally flawed.

regards, mikesz

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