[nycphp-talk] And the HTML CSS guru is....

csnyder chsnyder at
Thu Jan 11 13:39:10 EST 2007

On 1/11/07, David Mintz <dmintz at> wrote:
> This thread probably belongs on front-end

Yes! NYPHP has a special-interest list dedicated to discussing markup,
css, javascript and the like. Of course, now that we're all web 2
point oh, the distinction is going away...

> no doubt but that tables
> are for tabular data.  Forms are the one
> thing with which I haven't been able to get clean and sober, because
> aligning all the elements with pure CSS -- at least for a non-guru like
> myself, judging from the solutions I've seen and tried -- is a PITA.

Yeah, I think the rush to embrace table-less layout is similar to the
rush to embrace XML. It's good to tend in the direction of using style
sheets for positioning elements relative to one another, but not to
the point where you lose productive hours trying to re-implement the
table tag.

Tables aren't just for tabular data. They can also be extremely handy
for tabular layout of labeled controls, which is exactly what most
forms are. Tables are also indispensable for the structured display of
mixed-media information, such as thumbnails and descriptions.

Small, localised use where necessary, in other words, rather than
being the foundation of the entire page's design.

Chris Snyder

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