[nycphp-talk] Followup: Going weekly rate for php developer/coder in NYC these days?

Chris Shiflett shiflett at
Thu Jan 18 11:44:57 EST 2007

Edward Potter wrote:
> Ok, just to keep everyone up to date, based on interviews to date,
> the going rate for a 6 month contract with someone with a solid
> php/developer background/graduate degree in IT right now seems to
> top out out $60/hr based on a 6 month contract.

Doing some math in reverse:

$60 / 2.4 = $25
$25/hour = $50,000/year

Therefore, $60/hour as a consultant is approximately equivalent to
$50,000/year as a full-time employee with benefits, and that's assuming
about 40 billable hours a week. $50,000/year for someone with a graduate
degree should not be the "top."

If you're a PHP developer who might consider a new career with a company
that values its staff, OmniTI ( is always looking
for good people. We offer fair salaries and a positive learning
environment for people who are passionate about what they do.

More to the point, the market is hungry for good PHP developers. Like
many companies, we're having a tough time finding enough good people. I
really don't like hearing about talented people not being given respect,
as past discussions have probably revealed. :-)


Chris Shiflett

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