[nycphp-talk] Followup: Going weekly rate for phpdeveloper/coderin NYC these days?

Chris Shiflett shiflett at
Thu Jan 18 13:23:57 EST 2007

Nicholas Tang wrote:
> All of those are reasons why I never understood why so many
> companies hire so many contractors - if I had a choice between
> hiring someone for a 6 month contract, or to be a full-time
> employee for 15 months for the same rate, I'd hire them
> full-time in a second.

It sounds like you're not considering the fact that you pay the overhead
whether they're your own employee or not. That 2.4 factor applies to
businesses with full-time employees as well as consultants.

It might sound like an obvious statement out of context, but salary
isn't the only expense of doing business. It's the biggest, but the
other stuff adds up.


Chris Shiflett

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