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Tue Jan 23 09:22:51 EST 2007

That's pretty cool. Maddening to read, but very powerful.

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A lot of the methods in the Zend Framework classes use object chaining.

It requires PHP5.  In terms of the prototype concept... javascript 
doesn't have a traditional object implementation -- you can't say "class

A extends class B" -- and the lines are pretty blurred between what a 
function is and what an object is, so that why you kind of have to hack 
it via the prototype object to achieve some sense of object-oriented 

Here's the idea of object chaining in php:
class SomeClass
  function doSomething()
    echo "Something\n";
    return $this;
  function getOther()
    if (!isset($this->other))
       $this->other = new OtherClass();
     return $this->other;
class OtherClass
  function doSomethingElse()
    echo "Something Else\n";
    return $this;
$foo = new SomeClass();


csnyder wrote:
> On 1/22/07, Cliff Hirsch <cliff at> wrote:
>> I wonder how these techniques work in the PHP world. Does anyone use
>> chaining effectively? Is there a PHP equivalent to the prototype 
>> concept?
> Javascript is an beautiful, powerful language. I never thought I would
> say that, and I think Netscape could have done so much more "back in
> the day" to produce good documentation and examples. That's what
> Prototype, MochiKit, jQuery, et al are finally doing.
> Anyway, PHP's object support doesn't really compare. Classes are not
> the same as prototypes. And not everything in PHP is an object,
> therefore chaining is a kludge at best.
>> From the point of view of readability and maintainability, I hope
> developers *aren't* trying to replicate Javascript patterns in PHP...
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