[nycphp-talk] Never heard that term: Viet Nam of programming

Hans C. Kaspersetz hans at
Wed Jan 24 11:20:02 EST 2007

ORM is a beautiful thing.  We are using ORM extensively on a large 
financial application and it works absolute wonders.  It has made many 
non trivial tasks, especially those that involving very complex objects 
that span many tables, very manageable.   I was not a believer at first, 
I thought it was complex and unpredictable.  I wasn't sure what I was 
going to get back from it at any given time.  However, with refinement 
and practice our ORM system is very predictable and saves tons of time.  
It can be done, it just takes time to develop.  I have a debut of 
gratitude to Andrew Yochum and Chris Hendry.  They did a fantastic job 
implementing it.


Kenneth Downs wrote:
> That was a nice presentation last night by Chuck.
> One thing that struck me was that term for ORM, the "Viet Nam of 
> programming", I am definitely one of those who will go so far as to 
> call it that.  My own analogy before hearing this one was "heroin for 
> programmers", they get hooked on it and start dreaming big dreams and 
> nothing gets done.
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