[nycphp-talk] Never heard that term: Viet Nam of programming

tedd tedd at
Wed Jan 24 15:43:43 EST 2007

At 2:50 PM -0500 1/24/07, David Mintz wrote:
>tedd, I think if you re-read carefully you will see that
>and there is no offense or disrespect in there at all.

Come on, while it my not be intentional or fully thought-out, the 
disrespect is obvious for Gods' sake! Pardon my language, but we had 
a saying in the Army that went "Don't piss on my back and tell me 
it's raining."

Let's review:

At 8:01 AM -0500 1/24/07, Kenneth Downs wrote:
>That was a nice presentation last night by Chuck.
>One thing that struck me was that term for ORM, the "Viet Nam of 
>programming", I am definitely one of those who will go so far as to 
>call it that.  My own analogy before hearing this one was "heroin 
>for programmers", they get hooked on it and start dreaming big 
>dreams and nothing gets done.

a = "Viet Nam of programming"
b = "heroin for programmers", they get hooked on it and start 
dreaming big dreams and nothing gets done"

a replaced b -- does the above mean something different?

As for the Vietnam reference re ORM:

Now, if the term "Viet Nam of programming" in terms for ORM meant 
that ORM was under appreciated and often unfairly ridiculed -- then I 
would agree;

If the term meant that we should never try ORM because it's a bad 
thing to get involved with-- then I would also agree;

But if the characterization using the term Vietnam is that once you 
try ORM you'll get hooked on it, zone out and accomplish nothing, 
then I think that's a cruel characterization of veterans (in this 
case Vietnam ) who returned with physical and/or physiological 
problems that kept them from becoming productive members of society.

By your anti-bush war crimes web site, it's obvious that your mileage 
varies from mine. But, you should at least ask yourself why anyone 
would use the term Vietnam to describe anything? Why pick on the Vet 
at all?

There are lot's ways to express yourself without offending and if you 
think you aren't offending and someone disagrees, then maybe you 
should look a bit deeper.


PS: Very cute daughter.


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