[nycphp-talk] Finding Horde libraries

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at
Wed Jan 24 18:20:09 EST 2007

Quoting csnyder <chsnyder at>:

> In Chuck's excellent talk last night he alluded to the possibility of
> re-using Horde library code outside of the framework itself.
> Anybody have any idea how to track down a list of the "60 or so"
> PEAR-style libraries he mentioned?

There are a couple of different ways. For the most up-to-date code,  
you'll want to check out the "framework" module  
( from CVS (see You'll then have a set of directories, each  
of which includes a package.xml file; typing:

pear install Compress/package.xml

(for an example of our Horde_Compress package) will install that  
package locally.

There's also a script included in the devtools package called  
horde-fw-symlinks.php that will run through a framework/ directory and  
create symlinks in an include directory (by default one called libs/  
on the same level as framework/, but it can be anything you like). The  
idea is that for development or easy CVS updates, you put the  
symlinked directory in your include_path; any changes to the real  
files are then reflected instantly except of course for new files or  
directories; then you just re-run the script.

(The symlinks are necessary because the framework/ directory is laid  
out like the PEAR repository; files need to be shuffled around a  
little so that they appear as expected in the include_path).

Finally, you can poke around on Going to:

... will get you a list of all packages available from our channel  
(currently, in fact 62). I list this option last because our Horde  
releases currently rely on bundling framework as a whole; therefore,  
although libraries are available and do work independently, we don't  
yet have a release process that updates the packages  
regularly. Help doing so, if anyone is interested, would be quite  

There is also a writeup here:  
that has some more details. Feedback on what should be added there, or  
clarifications to the wiki page, are welcome (I know it currently  
lacks mention of horde-fw-symlinks and the pear server; I may have  
changed that before you read it though :).


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