[nycphp-talk] Word Doc to PDF?

Anirudh Zala arzala at
Wed Jan 24 23:18:52 EST 2007

On Wednesday 24 January 2007 19:25, Brian Dailey wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience or information on converting a simple
> Word document to a PDF? I've seen a few utilities that do this, but all
> of them are Word doc to printer to PDF hacks, and most are dependent
> upon an installation of Word or Open Office. There's got to be an easier
> way.

I could not figure out whether you want such utility/software for manual use 
or automatic use (for scripts like PHP).

As far as automatic use is concerned, I recommend an open source software 
called "catdoc" (to be installed on your server) that is able to read xls, 
ppt, doc files and outputs plain text that you can convert into PDF using one 
of the PDF libs available for PHP. All of these reading and writing tasks you 
can do by your PHP script.

* Search google for latest "catdoc" software.
* Search for PDF library for PHP.

Anirudh Zala
(Building standards)

> Thanks,
> - Brian
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