[nycphp-talk] IDE help switching from Windows to MAC

Joseph Crawford codebowl at
Thu Jan 25 10:52:21 EST 2007


Butler is so much more than a launcher, the one thing that i use it
for most is the launcher and it is very easy to use, however i also
use it to set a keystroke for fast user switching.  I press a few keys
and boom i am at the login screen while my apps are still running.

I love that ability especially since i have a 2 year old who loves my
keyboard and mouse :D

Butler also has a drop down menu in the menu bar that allows you to
quickly access your applications, preferences, hard drives, etc.  I do
admit that i do not use that menu much and rather just the launcher.

I have yet had time to actually learn all of Butler but it's amazing
(at least i think so)

I tried QuickSilver, LaunchBar and Butler and settled with Butler.

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