[nycphp-talk] IDE help switching from Windows to MAC

Rob Marscher rmarscher at
Thu Jan 25 11:18:20 EST 2007

I work on Linux all day long but I have Macs at home.  I'm always 
finding myself by habit hitting shift+home or shift+end by accident on 
the Mac, which doesn't select to the beginning/end of the line but to 
the beginning/end of the whole document - which is really annoying.  
Instead, it's something like shift+command+left or shift+command+right 
on Macs (if I can remember right). 

I thought I'd search the web to see if you can map the keys on a Mac to 
work like a PC... and I found something from LifeHacker.  Woohoo!  Can't 
wait to try this out - 

Looks like LifeHacker has another recent article explaining the simple 
things that PC->Mac switchers find themselves beating their heads over 
at first: 

I think you might find those articles useful.

Joseph Crawford wrote:
> I am awaiting FedEx then i have to go through migrating this PowerMac
> Quad G5 over to the new Mac Pro and i am hoping all the apps i use run
> fine on Mac Pro ;)

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