[nycphp-talk] Resample Image on the Fly

Donald J. Organ IV dorgan at
Mon Jan 29 10:03:27 EST 2007

Using the img tag does not resize the image, it just forces it to 
display at the specified width and height.

You may want to look into imagemagick or the GD library for something 
like this.

Randal Rust wrote:
> On 1/29/07, Dan Cech <dcech at> wrote:
>> I'm not entirely sure what you're asking...can you give us a general
>> idea of what you're trying to achieve?
> Sure. Take a look here:
> What I have done is used getimagesize(0 to get the original width and
> height of the image. Then I modify those values proportionally with a
> script I wrote and do this:
> <img src="'.$url.'" width="'.$newW.'" height="'.$newH.'" />
> The issue is that the images don't look as clear as I'd like them to
> after resizing. I think they just need to be resampled.

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