[nycphp-talk] IDE help switching from Windows to MAC

Tim Lieberman tim_lists at
Mon Jan 29 18:39:33 EST 2007 - lots of nice apache/php pre-built binaries in handy  
MacOS-friendly installers.

Other than that, I do very little development directly on my mac, so  
I don't have much to suggest in the way of editors, etc.  Aquamacs is  
a decent emacs environment, but it tends to spawn too many windows  
(i'm sure I could fix that, but my development environment really  
lives on a fedora box, and my tools are bash, emacs, mysql, and gnu  

On Jan 24, 2007, at 4:59 PM, Cliff Hirsch wrote:

> Oh yeah, I need PHP! Suggestions for a compiled MAC PHP binary? Any  
> equivalent
> of xampp for the MAC world?
> Any other useful MAC software to make a great MAC development  
> platform?

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