[nycphp-talk] Safest and best way to get the referer

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Wed Jan 31 15:52:01 EST 2007

Rolan Yang |nyphp dev/internal group use| wrote:

> Relying on the integrity of HTTP_REFERER is simply a bad idea.
> End user tools such as the RefControl plugin for Firefox make it easy 
> for anyone to spoof the referer.
> I am aware of a handful of news subscription websites (which shall not 
> be listed here) that restrict their content to paying customers. 
> However, to boost rankings in the search engines, the websites make a 
> page of premium content available through news aggregators like 
> As a result, the websites gain free publicity and 
> allow users to sample one article. Clicking any deeper results in 
> redirection to a subscription page. How is this done? HTTP_REFERER 
> based authentication. Set one's referer to ""  and 
> voila... free premium access to the entire website. If anyone asks, 
> you didn't hear this from me :)
> The HTTP_REFERER is a poor source for authentication and should not be 
> used for such purposes.
> ~Rolan
> Joseph Crawford wrote:
>> Guys,
>> I know that HTTP_REFERER is not always accurate or even set.  There
>> are also ways for people to fake that value.  I tend not to rely on
>> that much however what i need to do is this.
>> We have a file called spy.php that will return data to the browser if
>> the sitekey is found in our database.  This data is to be used by
>> members so they can show statistics on their site.  However to be sure
>> that it was the correct sitekey i was also checking the referer domain
>> against the domain stored in the database.  Is there a better way to
>> do this?  I do not want someone to be able to display the stats for
>> another site on theirs.
>> Is there a way to do this or should i just base it on the sitekey and
>> if it is valid return the stats for that particular site.  The sitekey
>> is an md5 hash.
>> Thanks,

I don't know, Rolan. If they desire to block people who haven't been 
referred by and who don't know how to spoof the 
referrer,  then they have a pretty good solution in place. Everything's 

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