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Wed Jan 31 17:01:07 EST 2007

Welcome to the list ... I'm also a freelancer, ... best of luck with the 

- Ben
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> Thanks for the thoughtful intro Rob, welcome to the list.
> -Aaron
> On Jan 31, 2007, at 4:47 PM, Rob Wilkens wrote:
>> Hi .
>> I'm new here (though I recognize one or two familiar names from
>> another list i'm on - LIPHP) --
>> A little about me as long as i'm writing (relating to PHP):  I learned
>> PHP because I was home sick from work (for 5 years and counting) and
>> when Tom Melendez started the LIPHP group on Long Island, after seeing
>> repeated announcements for his group on another server i'm subscribed
>> to (LILUG), I finally decided to see what it was about and was excited
>> to see the language was just like C in many ways, except it was being
>> used for the web (primarily).  C was a language I liked because when I
>> graduated in 1996 I had taken a few classes in C(including one on
>> Linux Kernel Hacking, which landed me a job doing UNIX kernel hacking
>> for a few years).  Anyway, I've put it off for a long time, and
>> finally decided to formalize my knowledge of PHP
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