[nycphp-talk] PHP script needs some filter help

Christina Karlhoff christinak at
Sat Sep 15 11:41:57 EDT 2007

HI all,

I will preface with this:  I am not very experienced with php scripting.
I do know a bit of asp [classic], and have some skills in writing a web
app (done uisng asp classic and a little jscript).

The situation:  Our company's website host server only processes scripts
in php, python, cld fusion [not in asp - go figure].  Our website has
three seperate user information request forms on it; all were posted
using a php mail script.  One day, all of a sudden, we get 20-30 bogus
forms mail to us per day.  Annoying and alarming.  So i went searching
for some way to control it.  I managed to insert a php script with
captcha into each.  but, we are still getting bogus forms sent to us.
Not as many, but still annoying and no header injections i
take it?

So, i tried to follow along and use some php includes that i found
posted on  After addiing some of the code and quite a few
iterations, I'd keep getting these parsing errors, and could never get
it to work.

Can any of you help me out?  Let me know....i don't know if i can attach
the script i have and send it to you all or not....let me know that too.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would be willing to have a quick
look-see at my script and assist me in getting some php filtering into
place.  I'd also have the privelage to get some real php understanding
under my belt.

Thanks so much!




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