[nycphp-talk] ORM vs SQL: the ultimate showdown

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Good point. I've only been writing code for MSSQL and MySQL, and currently 
only MySQL.

Anything that makes our job easier seems good to me!

- Ben
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> Ben Sgro (ProjectSkyLine) wrote:
>> Why not just do:
>> SET ...
>> first_name = $firstname,
>> last_name = $lastname, ...
>> Which is *basically* the same as what your saying ORM is useful for in 
>> this case...
>    That's a very nice syntax.  It's also mysql-specific.  I love mysql, 
> and it may be very sensible to build a mysql app that takes advantage of 
> great features like this,  but many of us need to write apps for 
> postgreSQL,  Oracle,  MS SQL and other databases that don't support this 
> (superior) syntax.
>    Another advantage of an ORM system is that it can use database metadata 
> to validate data much better than addslashes() can.  For instance,  some 
> databases will let you get away with
> UPDATE TABLE SET an_integer_field='55';
>    Other databases (for instance,  MS Access) won't,  and you need to 
> write
> UPDATE TABLE SET an_integer_field=55;
>    If '55' comes from the outside,  you'll want to validate that it's an 
> integer.  Do you want to write that code by hand every time?  Or would you 
> like your ORM system to automatically detect the type based on database 
> metadata,  and give you an intelligible  error message like : 
> "776krashyourdatabase is not an integer" rather than "Invalid SQL Syntax 
> (Code 7719290)."
>    I find that I spent entirely too much time dealing with error 
> conditions in my code,  and welcome anything that makes that work easier.
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