[nycphp-talk] Ajax UI, where to display a detailed view of a record

David Mintz david at
Tue Dec 9 15:30:05 EST 2008

Working on a page that gives the user the ability to do some sophisticated
searching of a database. I do an Ajax request, display the query resullts in
a table and add an event handler to the 'click' event on each row so that a
tooltip/context menu pops up for the user to do various actions with that
row of data. One of those actions is "view details" -- zoom in to see more.
The decision to be made is, should this view

(a)  pop up in a new window (or tab, if the user's browser is set to do
that) so that the state of the form that did the search will stay intact if
they decide to go back, even though it adds some clutter their workspace? or

 (b) appear in the current window, even though it means if they hit their
back button they will have to start over with their search parameters? or

(c) do something else? e.g., me go to the trouble of saving their search
parameters in the session and restoring the form state from session,
whenever such exists?

Just wondering how you folks approach this not-uncommon problem in the age
of Web 2.0

David Mintz

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