[nycphp-talk] Help using a variable

Néstor rotsen at
Wed Dec 17 19:19:15 EST 2008

I am passing a variable and value using the query method to myreport.php.

I can see using phpinfo() the query string and the var and the value:
_GET["drange"]AND (proj_adv_date >= DATE_FORMAT(\'2008-12-17\',\'%Y-%m-%d\')
AND proj_adv_date <= DATE_FORMAT(\'2009-12-17\', \'%Y-%m-%d\'))


but when I put the following code in the program dies:
 $drange  = $_GET['drange'];

I jjust discovered that if I change the variable to $xdrange the program
does nto stop
 $xdrange  = $_GET['drange'];


I need the variable to be $drange because it is a date range that I use to
create the query and this program calls itself.

What could be causing the problem?  What should I do to use this variable


Nestor :-)
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