[nycphp-talk] Charsets are still driving me nuts

tedd tedd at
Thu Mar 6 16:55:12 EST 2008

>Does anyone have experience with using the the "accept-charset" 
>attribute on FORMs?
>I read this, but I am not sure what the net result is:
>"The client must interpret this list as an exclusive-or list, i.e., 
>the server is able to accept any single character encoding per 
>entity received."
>So guess it's not solving the initial question, but might be part of 
>the solution...?

As I understand it, all it's doing is establishing what char-sets are 
required for the form.

Not that this is a definitive or totally correct answer, but a 
char-set contain the glyphs for rendering the characters (code 
points) contain within that set.

Like Basic Latin contains the glyphs sufficient to render the code 
points for English (like your email application). If your form is in 
Hebrew, you can't expect the browser to render Hebrew glyphs in the 
form properly unless your browser has that char-set installed or 
knows that's what required.

It's just a way to get everyone in sync with rendering the same glyphs.


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