[nycphp-talk] safari and sessions?

Marc Antony Vose suzerain at
Mon Mar 17 16:31:18 EDT 2008

These issues appear to not be platform-specific.  Because we cater to  
designers and creative types, we have a disproportionately higher  
percentage of Mac users than, say, amazon or eBay probably do.

I've had some of our customers submit info to me, and I can see that  
the browser strings are OS X versions of Safari.

I'm looking into the private browsing thing.  It would be a convenient  
answer, since it's not a feature I use by default, and I'm not seeing  
the problems and other people are, but we'll see.


Le 18 mars 08 à 03:56, David Krings a écrit :

> Marc Antony Vose wrote:
>> Is anyone aware of any subtle changes in Safari 3 that could cause  
>> problems with maintaining sessions or cookies?
> Well, is it an Apple Safari or a Windows Safari browser? The Windows  
> version is in beta since forever and doesn't seem to get much  
> attention from Apple. Maybe you are looking at issues that people  
> have with this half-baked zombie.
> David
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