[nycphp-talk] PHP, Browser or MySQL Problem

PaulCheung paulcheung at
Wed Mar 19 16:40:06 EDT 2008

Has anybody run across this before?

I am using three different browsers to test the same PHP scripts and MySQL 
database. The application's scripts work by sharing/passing SESSIONS 

Here is the problem, in one browser (Explorer) all works as expected and the 
session variable named $_SESSION['access'] retains its integrity  However in 
the other two browsers (Firefox & Opera) the $_SESSION['access'] variable is 
corrupted - set to null

It just doesn't make any sense,  this session variable is filled in once 
after user validation and from then on it is a read only session variable, 
why works in one browser and not the others. all three browsers access the 
the same scripts and same database.

I have really racked my brains on this one - Can anybody point me in the 
right direction?


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