[nycphp-talk] CMS - Estimating Hours

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Thu Mar 27 15:27:01 EDT 2008

André Pitanga wrote:
> I noticed that on your numbered list you didn't repeat the need for a 
> newsletter. That can take significant time as well. (I've been using 
> POMMO as a mailing list manager at work and it's been great.) I would 
> say add at least another 10 hours just for that.

Good catch; thanks!

> I not sure why I'm a bit reluctant to say this, but from what you 
> describe (including testing, and even training), I'd say more or less 
> 250hrs.
> That may sound too high for some, but what I'm talking about here is 
> solid quality work delivered as promised: firm deadlines (no excuses), 
> fully web standards based (may require tweaking the CMS), etc.

Good points, all. I'd rather overestimate than underestimate.

> It really depends on how much your client has it together as well. Are 
> they gonna deliver the content to you in a timely basis. How tech-savvy 
> is the staff you are training to run the CMS? Surprisingly, even the 
> simple admin interfaces generated by CMSs are enough to scare most folks.

So true. They were confused by the term "web hosting" so... ;-)

With that in mind, I think I may need to get a better handle on the 
client's expectations.

> Have a detailed, signed contract before you begin work. Oh, and please 
> don't charge less than, say, $60/hr. It wouldn't be fair.

I never, ever worked without a contract when I was freelancing. 
Thankfully, now that I'm working for someone else I don't have to worry 
about that part, I just have to worry about getting the estimated time 
right. Thanks for the heads-up on the hourly rate though.

> Hope this helps,

It does indeed - thanks a million.

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