[nycphp-talk] Passing JAVASCRIPT variables to PHP

tedd tedd at
Mon Mar 31 18:30:56 EDT 2008

At 9:32 AM -0400 3/31/08, Brian D. wrote:
>  >  And don't forget this way:  :-)
>>   var a = 1;
>>   (new Image()).src = '/myscript.php?a='+ a;
>I'm going to recommend *against* that. That works, but it's an ugly
>hack, and often when you're trying to do something like this you're
>not addressing a deeper architectural problem.


Ugly is relative and "hacks" are common -- ever use css?

The solution I provided is simple and works.

The point here -- however -- is that Dan said:

>You either need to submit the JS data to the server as part of a form or
>via an AJAX request.

And, I provided a third way. I think there are probably others.




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