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Mon Nov 24 14:47:35 EST 2008

Use SPL to implement ArrayAccess on your db object? Then you can use one check and not resort to brute forcing all the others.
it would turn into:
echo $result['stuff'];

Dunno if that is completely clear.

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Subject: [nycphp-talk] passing array/object data
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I have a method that takes a parameter that might be either an array or 
>a db result object. So on the one hand I might have:
>echo $array['stuff'];
>or on the other:
>echo $result -> stuff;
>Right now I'm just using is_array and repeated brute force to do this, 
>but obviously there's a better way. What's my best way to abstract this 
>so I can use just one echo statement regardless of the parameter?
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