[nycphp-talk] Best practices for combining paths?

Paul A Houle paul at
Thu Apr 2 13:12:17 EDT 2009

Tom Melendez wrote:
> I don't know what 100 times bigger turns out to be in terms of
> users/traffic, but I would recommend not investing a lot of time
> investing in the FE handling this.  When you get to the point where
> you're partitioning users based on shards of data, or just site
> functions, you'll probably want a proxy cluster (and caching I'm sure)
> in front of your FEs.  Most of your routing would need to happen at
> level then.
    The system I'm planning is going to be essentially sharded into 
silos,  though there will be some stuff shared between shards.  It's 
really going to be a network of sites on specific topics that,  
together,  cover very wide subject areas.  From a business standpoint 
it's easier to make things work for a site that's about a topic than it 
is a site that's about "everything".

    In the short term I'm planning on introducing something like 
WP-Supercache to handle most of the HTML and RDF traffic without hitting 
PHP at all,  particularly when the site has social media spikes.

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