[nycphp-talk] W3 Schools?

Corey H Maass - corey at
Sat Apr 11 16:59:03 EDT 2009

Learn the info, take the practice exams, and then move on to learning
from every other site, too. I can't imagine a 'certification' from an
automated test by an unofficiated company (w3 is a company, not an
organization) would help you get hired. Either yre a rockstar or yre
not. Don't get my wrong - I love the w3schools. I use them daily. I just
don't think their certs are worth a lot.


On Sat, 11 Apr 2009 16:49:18 -0400, "Leam Hall" <leam at> said:
> Anyone have any experience with the W3 Schools tutorials and 
> Certification? The site has a lot of tutorials and look decently well 
> written. Testing for a cert is $75, and I'm not sure if it's going to 
> affect any hiring decisions but it does let us "externally motivated" 
> folks test ourselves against a measurable standard.
> Since I'm not yet in the PHP Rock Star ranks, do you think this might
> help?
> Leam
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