[nycphp-talk] preg_replace to extract a domain name?

Justin Hileman justin at
Sat Aug 1 12:36:59 EDT 2009

webmaster at wrote:
> Hello NYPHP,
> I am using preg_replace to try to extract the domain name of one of my
> sites so that I can use it as a variable. It has a standard http
> format, i.e. and I am trying to get only
> "mydomain" from it.
> I have something that works but it does multiple tests before it
> generates the variable I need. I thinking that the multiple lines
> ought to be combined into a single statement that does the job on one
> fell swoop. Am I right in assuming this can be done in one line of
> code?
> TIA for any pointers.

Use parse_url()

Something like this:

$domain = parse_url($my_url, PHP_URL_HOST);

Or, if you want some of the other pieces later:

$chunks = parse_url($my_url);
$domain = $chunks['host'];

// then you can use 'path', 'query', etc. as well.


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