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Peter Sawczynec ps at
Thu Aug 13 21:10:24 EDT 2009

Ginger Tea



1 piece fresh ginger root (3" segment)

1 fresh orange

1 tbsp honey

2 cups water


1 mug

Small strainer 



Slice and dice unpeeled ginger root into small chunks. 


Add ginger to cold water.


Bring water to boil. 


Simmer ginger in water for up to 15 minutes till about half the water 

is boiled off and water is stained light gold. 


Strain the remaining one cup liquid into a mug.


Cut orange in half. Squeeze one half of orange thru strainer into mug.


Add 1 tbsp honey.


Drink hot. Will taste good, spicy and sweet. 



A great pick me up and can knock a cold out too.



Warmest regards, 


Peter Sawczynec 

Technology Dir.



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