[nycphp-talk] What does Java provide, redux

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Mon Aug 17 11:02:16 EDT 2009

on 8/17/2009 10:34 AM Paul A Houle said the following:
> Ajai Khattri wrote:
>> Why not Ruby?
>    Looking at post-PHP alternatives,  I gave up on both Python and Ruby 
> pretty quickly.  Although Python and Ruby are more advanced languages in 
> some ways,  they're not "better enough" than PHP to be worth the cost of 
> switching.  There's also the issue that neither one has developed a 

Until you can amortize away that period of negative productivity while 
you're switching languages, it's almost always better to stick with what 
you know, unless there's a really really compelling other reason (like: 
what you want to do can be done in 10% of the time in <new language>)

> completely satisfactory server runtime,  although Ruby has come close.

I've found twisted to be really nice for Python.

>    Python,  Ruby,  PHP and all other dynamic languages are going to be 
> handicapped when it comes to concurrent programming.  Although languages 
> of that type ~can~ support threads with primitives much like Java,  they 
> invariably have data structures that require locking (symbol tables) 
> that reduce the amount of concurrency they can exploit.  Open source 
> languages also tend to depend on legacy libraries that aren't thread 
> safe:  the "100% Pure Java" xenophobia has helped Java create one of the 
> very few runtimes that supports concurrency on different platforms.


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