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Yitzchak Schaffer yitzchak.schaffer at
Thu Aug 20 09:43:26 EDT 2009

Hello all,

I discovered a great resource a few months back:

One post in particular, , got me 
thinking about workign with designers.  Since we have no design staff in 
our shop per se (the technical office of an academic library), my PHP 
sidekick and I put together whatever designy elements we need for our sites.

After reading this article, I'm left wondering: what are the basics of 
working with designers?  I wasn't even familiar with the term "comp" 
that's being used in the post and comments.  Where can one learn the 
fundamental assumed communication patterns, role & workflow 
expectations, etc. that go along with this relationship?  What is a 
developer meant to do after being handed a PSD?

Many TIA!

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