[nycphp-talk] Working with designers

Paul A Houle paul at
Thu Aug 20 14:44:06 EDT 2009

Chris Snyder wrote:
> Exactly. When a designer takes on web work they have to learn the
> limitations of the medium: web fonts for body text, no custom form
> controls, no flowed text. I'm happy to educate anyone I'm working with
> about what is a bad idea, what is really expensive, and what is
> impossible.
    Just as there's a difference in the skill sets of designers,  there 
are also differences in the skill sets of developers.  There's room for 
people on the continuum between design and software development:  for 
instance,  somebody can be a whiz in object-oriented design or a great 
data modeler and not know a damn thing about HTML.  There's a difference 
between the kind of developer who knows enough html to format a table 
and another developer who can understand why IE8 in "Standards Mode" 
doesn't work with the Google Maps API...

    Perhaps people are expecting more than they used to,  but there's an 
increasing amount of stuff to know about browser quirks these days,  and 
the person who can get everything to work down to the pixel consistently 
in all environments is good to have on the team.  That kind of person 
can be somebody who's basically a designer,  or somebody who's basically 
a developer.

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