[nycphp-talk] Advice on OOP & Frameworks

Leam Hall leam at
Sun Aug 23 07:38:37 EDT 2009

lists at wrote:
> Hello ladies & gentlemen,
> I've just purchased my first book on PHP Object-Oriented Programming and
>  have also been looking at all the frameworks that abound. I'm unsure of
> where to go from here.

Let me add to the question while the smart folks are waking up. I'm a 
systems (Red Hat and Solaris) guy who sees the value in PHP/{My}SQL{ite} 
for keeping my friends web stuff going and making information available 
to the decision makers at work.

Currently I'm reading an old edition of "Web Database Applications with 
PHP and MySQL" and it's really helping me understand how things can be 
done. However, it doesn't use OOP, MVC, or frameworks like CakePHP, so 
there's obviously a grow step after this.

My mind translates Bev's comments to be asking for advice on a growth 
pattern. My path won't be as fast as Bev's since I don't PHP every day, 
but having a clear path would be good. O'Reilly has a 4 part PHP course 
but I'm not sure I have the $$ handy for that at the moment. I do have 
access to lots of O'Reilly books, but knowing which ones to skim and 
which to focus on would help.

Anyone up for drafting a "Recommended Learning Program" for PHP?



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