[nycphp-talk] Working with designers

Mark Armendariz lists at
Sun Aug 23 10:31:50 EDT 2009

> Type I - These are the web designers who know little or nothing about
> coding and have no desire to learn. This is not a problem if you know
> for a fact that the designer outsources to a skilled, trusted coder.

I thought this was a perfect synopsis, and this point especially
stands out for me.  The production should be under the watchful eye of
the designer - whether they personally provide the production code or
it is outsourced.

Every design house worth their salt has a production specialist who
knows how to hand over clean presentation code that will work
perfectly on every browser.

The designer's job is to care that every pixel falls perfectly into
place, and the person handling production should answer to them.
Regardless of where your designer falls (in those 4 well spelled out
categories), you should receive quality final production html / css /
(sometimes js) that they've approved and are happy with before you
even begin integrating.

As for my experience, I started as a graphic designer (about 12 years
ago) and as a freelance PHP developer for 8 years, I've been fortunate
enough to work closely with some of the best and most talented
designers in the industry.


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