[nycphp-talk] Advice on setting for testing server

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Tue Aug 25 12:30:44 EDT 2009

David, thanks for all the advice, especially the reminder to follow best
practices and mind my variables.

I'll take a look at the XAMPP config files, stick with my stock
installation, and keep error reporting set to E_ALL.

> I don't think there is a removerookiemistakes extension. 

Drat! Someone should create one. ;o)

>> Would this be a good time to learn how to use CVS or Subversion?
> YES! I'd recommend to go with Subversion, but you want to use some
> source control. At least make clearly labeled backups of your scripts.
> In the end you deal with flat files that can also be compressed very
> well, but a source control system allows you rolling back changes and
> branching code. Not that you couldn't do that manually as well, but
> attaching a project to a source control system will make you use it.
> Copy and paste doesn't.

Yeah, making manual backups is tedious and I've messed things up doing
it that way on more than one occasion. *sigh*

I guess I've been avoiding the whole version control thing because it
sounded a little scary, but it sounds like something that could be a
real lifesaver, so I guess I need to get over myself and just do it.


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