[nycphp-talk] Advice on setting for testing server

Kristina D. H. Anderson ka at
Wed Aug 26 16:34:20 EDT 2009

Hi Bev,

Another good tip someone gave me is to train yourself to automatically 
back up any file by adding the date in format _20090826 to the filename 
before you edit or overwrite it, and that way you can always roll back 
your files and have a day by day history of the code.

Again like with your log file, it will grow and soon you will have 16 
different copies of each active file on your test server.  But it's 
simple, free and most importantly EASY TO INSTALL :)

And in terms of tracking "to do" items, I just keep a text file in each 
active project in which I keep detailed notes and to do punchlists and 

I lack patience for stuff that is needlessly complex as I've always 
been a "brute force by text editor" type of programmer.  I just try to 
follow the "KISS" method, and avoid as many hazards as possible.  And I 
would certainly hesitate to hold myself out as a "productivity guru" -- 
I tend to work in fits and starts and be insanely productive some days, 
and then other days it just isn't really working for me so much...

Love Ajai's suggestion for XDebug but fear the installation 
documentation may be my undoing! :)


>Bev wrote:
> Hi, Kristina. Thanks for chiming in with additional great advice!
> I need to organize the info everyone has provided this week so that I
> can form a game plan going forward. I have no doubt all these tips 
> prove invaluable in improving my productivity.
> Bev
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