[nycphp-talk] OOP, Frameworks, ONLAMP, and NYPHP

Hans Zaunere lists at
Fri Aug 28 10:19:43 EDT 2009

Hi Leam,

> More timing...or synchronicity...
> As we discuss the learning path and stages, I've heard that ONLAMP will
> not really continue. I mentioned ONLAMP's aged articles to you a few
> months ago and was all hyped about upgrade and reform. ONLAMP has helped
> me in several ways and it's nice to have links to go back to as I try to
> understand sub-topics.
> NYPHP has PHundamentals. Not as extensive as ONLAMP, but with more
> growth potential. Also, I will note that not only do I not live in or
> near the City but yesterday I pointed a PHP newbie to this list as a
> great resource. If you want somewhere culturally and economically, if
> not geographically, distant from NYC, come on down to SW Ga for a
> visit!
> So the question on personal growth seems to have an option of expanding
> the NYPHP sphere of influence. With ONLAMP receding is this a good time
> to grow the PHundamentals and NYPHP? Or are there other places and
> portals to fill ONLAMP's shoes?

Regarding PHundamentals, it's certainly been a great resource over the years
thanks to the time and effort put into it, and the quality/participation of
the list members.

It has, obviously, stalled and become a bit outdated itself.  Picking them
back up would be a great thing, although time obviously is always the most
scarce commodity.  If someone would want to help picking them back up, it'd
be a great thing.

And in fact with today's Web 2.0 facey-spaces and twitter-books, perhaps
even more value would come.  As part of PHundamentals, we could also
construct an open source project to facilitate the PHundamentals process.

We'd just need some people (far or near to NYC) to help out... takers?


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